THANK YOU to Craig's studio!

POSTED September 25, 2012

To my dance friends,

This is a very personal message to the dance community that I think is overdue. In the last three years, quite a few dancers and instructors have trained at Craig Galvin's studio in Stuart  for various local charity competitions, and there have been a good handful of winners, too.

So my tango partner Bob Murray and I would like to take this opportunity to say...
THANK YOU to CRAIG'S DANCE STUDIO in Stuart for the many hours we used the studio to prepare for Dancing with the Martin Stars with our "star" Eve Samples. We also spent hours in the studio working on choreography and we are thrilled to report that last Saturday night we won the Best Dance trophy and the Best Overall trophy in that event. Eve's perfect scores ranked her #1 for dance. Combined with her #3 ranking in fundraising, her overall score was 4...enough to beat the #1 fundraiser who unfortunately didn't get as good a dance score.

Craig made it possible for Bob and me to participate in Dancing with the Martin Stars by generously making the studio available to us at no charge. The A/C was always on when we arrived, the studio was clean, and the sound system excellent. He has been unfailingly accommodating to our schedules, encouraging to our "stars" and straightforward in all our dealings regarding both competitions and the various tango events that I organize there on a regular basis.

Craig himself recently competed in Dancing with Our Celebrity Stars, a fundraiser held on September 8th at the PSL Civic Center to benefit the Port St Lucie PAL and Maya Matters. Of course his partner Carissa Zerga from Seacoast National Bank came to the studio for her hours and hours of dance training. Craig and Carissa placed 2nd in dancing, only two-tenths of a percent behind the winner!

And right now, salsa instructor William Figueroa and his PALS partner Ann Satterlee are also using Craig's studio to train for this year's Dancing with Our PALS to benefit the Fort Pierce Police Athletic League. That event will be held on October 6th at the Sunrise Theatre in Ft Pierce. We look forward to hearing their results!

These are only the latest contributions Craig's studio has made to community philanthropy. The studio has also hosted the following instructor/star teams...

2011 Dancing with the Martin Stars: 
Lisa Holland (with Bob and me)
Sheriff Bob Crowder (with Thany Lim)
Marc Baldwinger (with Sheila Soler)
Eileen Hatt (with Craig) -- They won the Best Overall trophy!

2011 Dancing with Our Celebrity PALS:
Lori Reyes (with Bob and me)
Bill Parrish (with Sheila Soler) -- Best Dance winners!
Mindi Fetterman (with Craig)

2010 Dancing with our PALS:
Karen Taylor (with Craig) -- They won!

All those hours of practice and rehearsal represent a gift to the community on the part of the volunteer dancers and volunteer instructors.

All those hours of studio time were also a gift from Craig, a significant contribution to the success of these charity events for which he deserves to be applauded and supported.

Perhaps you had no idea all this has been going on at Craig's studio: he's far from the best promoter! But he does express these sentiments:

I am proud to be asked to participate in these important charity events. I am proud of the success that the studio has helped make possible, proud of all the "star" and "celebrity" dancers who have used this space to help local charities, and proud of the instructors who have given their time and talents just for the love of dance. May we all continue to enjoy the good karma of sharing and giving back.

SO I ASK YOU to remember Craig's generosity of spirit when choosing where to dance socially, where to book floor time for private lessons, where to learn to dance, where to hold your next private party, and where to send your friends to learn dance. Thank you.

Dance forever, dance for life,

Kathryn Wong

1712 NW Federal Hwy 1, Stuart FL 34994